Clint Hagen - Austin, Texas

a Franciscan

I took my vows of life profession in the Third Order of the Society of St. Francis on October 1, 2006. I currently serve as the webmaster for the Province of the Americas of the Order.

a code monkey

I am the the owner/founder/only employee of A Third Way Technologies, LLC.

a teacher

I have a B.A. in Latin from Baylor University and a Certificate in Youth Ministry from the Seminary of the Southwest. Currently, I teach middle school Latin at an Episcopal school in Austin. In the past, I have taught all levels of Latin, religion, computer science, English, choir, and a brief and unsuccessful attempt at fifth grade math.

a gamer

I used to play a lot of WoW. Right now, I'm playing a lot of Lego Batman 3.

a comic geek

I collect mostly DC Comics because that's what I grew up reading, but I've recently started reading Marvel comics, too, as well as other things. My local store is Austin Books and Comics, which is pretty much the greatest comic book store ever.


You can e-mail me at clint {at-sign} houseofhagen {period} net.

I'm on Facebook, but I only take friend requests from people I actually know. Sorry, students -- friend me after you graduate.

Stalk me on Twitter.