Clint Hagen - Austin, Texas

a Franciscan

I took my vows of life profession in the Third Order of the Society of St. Francis on October 1, 2006. I currently serve as the webmaster for the Province of the Americas of the Order.

a code monkey

I am the Director of Web Development (in addition to other responsibilites) at a small private school. I'm very interested in designing programs for schools. I believe that pre-packaged systems usually don't work for schools (especially small and/or private schools), and so I tend to work on designing things that work the way the school and teachers think, rather than trying to get the school and teachers to think the way the program does.

Web design and programming projects:

A Third Way is my design company. We make products for school use based on a new model I call "giftware". We don't charge for our products, but we ask people who like and use our stuff to donate to charity.
St. Andrew's Latin Department. Most of the cool features require a password. This site includes study materials, interactive tests, and the "Translator 1.0" program where students translate, notate, and scan Latin literature online.

inForm is a web-based system for teachers to quicky and easily notify parents about a child's grades and behavior while keeping all relevant parties in the loop without clogging inboxes.

I was the original designer of the Canon Portkey and Timelines for the Harry Potter Lexicon, although I am no longer working on this.

a teacher

I have a B.A. in Latin from Baylor University and a Certificate in Youth Ministry from the Seminary of the Southwest. Currently, I serve as Associate Chaplain at a small Episcopal school and teach religious studies classes.

a gamer

World of Warcraft toons:

Shadowpact, Night Elf Mage
Raynerr, Dwarf Paladin
Mharrok, Tauren Shaman

But what I'm really excited about is DC Universe Online!

a comic geek

I collect mostly DC Comics because that's what I grew up reading. You can see my entire comic book collection at the Comic Book Database.


You can e-mail me at clint {at-sign} houseofhagen {period} net.

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